Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mom,What's for Dinner?

Four of my least favorite words in the entire English language are, "Mom, what's for Dinner?"

It truly makes my skin crawl. I don't think I have always been this way. I do remember a time when I loved to cook. But as the kids have grown up and become pickier, this has become a challenge.
The whole concept is kind of weird. I'm supposed to decide what my whole family wants to eat for dinner. What if I make hamburgers and they had that for lunch?
What if I make Mexican and they aren't in the mood?
I wouldn't go into a Restaurant and just have them put food in front of me without me choosing it.
See where I'm going here?
I don't want to be running a short order restaurant, but that's about what it has come down to. It's especially this way when Wayne and I are on a "diet." Wayne gets home from work and will eat a tuna sandwich and be happy. I want to be making the gourmet meal,( or atleast I used to want to), but I know my kids won't eat it....only I will. Wasted food or food on my waist? It's a dilemma
My family eats a lot of frozen food: Pizza, taquitos, chicken nuggets, rice bowls, corn dogs. We keep Costco in business. None of this is what we should be eating or what I want to be eating.

I'm feeling a lot of pressure about dinner time lately. So many polls and studies that prove when a family eats together, no one gets pregnant, or has bad grades, or has "wild" parties.... a bit of dinner together cures all of this?

What's for Dinner?
I know I have to fix my messed up thinking about this.
I'm hoping to have healthy food on hand. The boys don't want to take the time to actually fix anything from scratch, so frozen and microwaveable fits their bill.

I'm trying not to have junkie treats in the house, just fruits and veggies and cheese and meats. YES it will take a bit of fixing time, but in the long run I know it will be worth it.

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Katie said...

I can hear you saying everyword of this!! Keep on keepin' on with your goal! You looked amazing last night so whatever your doing keep that up!! It was so good to see you.