Tuesday, September 9, 2008

No appetite?

Why is it when some people are sad or in a difficult and stressful situation they lose their appetite?

This whole concept is really difficult for me to relate to.

I have a friend, J. who was going through a divorce. She didn't let anyone in on this for the longest time. She just quit eating and lost a lot of weight. She looked great. We all thought she was on some miracle diet.
Really, she wasn't just losing weight, she was losing the life she had once known.....being married. It's all really sad when I look back on it. I was thinking how lucky she was to lose all of that weight. I was even a bit jealous of her weight success. When I found out the real truth about it, I was ashamed of myself. She didn't need 'congrats on the weight loss" pats; she needed a shoulder to cry on.

But man she lost a lot of weight and was down 3 sizes, just like that.

When things get crazy and stressful in my life, the opposite is true....I eat, eat, eat...and I'm up 3 sizes, just like that. I know I blame my 3 size jump to having a child at 40....but it's also dealing with Wayne's health issues and dizziness, my boy's life struggles and my working and juggling family life. So much stress, so much food to eat. You get the picture.

It's truly unconscious eating. I just put in my mouth whatever is available. Whatever I don't have to prepare. Whatever is fast and tasty. Sometimes not even tasty.

AHA MOMENT: I need to be more aware of my moments. I need to be in tune with what is going on and allow myself to feel and learn from these moments. I need to breathe more and not eat more. I'm going to try and ask myself, "what am I learning right now?" Hopefully the answer won't be.....that I need to eat.

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