Saturday, September 27, 2008

I am what I eat

If we truly are what we eat-- I'm in trouble.
Okay, What have I eaten today?
My list:
8:30 am--yogurt with granola in it-- I have good intentions for a good eating day!
9:30--one baby powdered doughnut
10:30--wheat toast with spray butter
1:30--tuna fish and sweet pickles on a slice of cheese
1:50--1/2 of Laila's PB and J sandwich
2:10--handful of chocolate chips
2:15--handful of pistachios
3:00--1 chicken sausage/apple hot dog thingey (maybe this counts as a fruit?)
3:00--3 glasses of crystal light orange (does this count as a fruit?)
4:00--1 graham cracker cookie
4:15-- 1 baby powdered doughnut-- throw away bag.
Nobody is home, no car to go any where. I should clean my house. I should work in the yard. I should just go into the kitchen and eat so I don't have to think about any of the "shoulds"
4:30-5:00-- two sleeves of graham cracker cookies, many handfuls of chocolate chips to make them taste better
Leave house for the night.
10:00 pm-- Egg and toast--
No fruit or vegetable all day long for me-- what is wrong with this picture?

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