Monday, September 22, 2008

I succumbed....I bought WHite Flour

Wayne's mom gave me a huge box of peaches to bottle. But I don't bottle, nor want to bottle, so I just cut them all up instead. I ate a ton, froze a lot, and then had Addison begging for his favorite Peach crisp-- I said no-- it takes white flour. Wayne then needed me to make a dessert for a potluck dinner we had to I succumbed and bought white flour and white sugar.

My boys all smiled , knowing my anti-white tirade only lasted a few weeks.

Just like an evil demon the white stuff is back.....gloating behind my cupboard doors.
"I knew she couldn't live without us for long...." the white flour snickers to the sugar, behind my back!!
I've made the peach crisp, twice now and a batch of cookie dough for the "I'm dieing"- Monson boy. I, of course, have to taste it...I don't have that much will power.
Okay this weekend, I hardly had any will power.
I didn't snarf the entire dessert down or eat all of the cookie dough by myself, I limited my self to a few bites.
Better than usual, I'd say. Still not great.

Sunday night we ended up doing Family birthday's at Mom's -- Can you say, a lot of Cake and Ice cream-- one bite of cake for me to repent of, so I walked back home to make up for it. We made the boys drive the car home.

Instead of totally beating myself up over my indiscretions, I'm just blogging about them. Life is sweet.

Oh.? What was that? Did you hear that? I think it's the white flour calling me.

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Si said...

It is now THURSDAY. I need a new post! Or else, I'm coming over with some white flour and sugar. And some popcorn.