Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The right way to weigh?

NOW I know what I've been doing wrong all along-- The picture shows the right way to weigh yourself. Ah-hah!

There has been a long love/loathe relationship with the thing I trip over almost every morning as I enter my bathroom. .....the SCALE! This has been an epic battle that has lasted through decades and continues to this day.

Do I step on the scale today, or not? DO I want to know my weight today, or not?

I loathe the scale when it reads "high"-- But I love my scale when I'm on the down ward slope. I celebrate and do happy dances on it sometimes. Sometimes I just want to kick it.

I don't weigh every day...probably just once or twice a week...I say, Ignorance is bliss. Sometimes I weigh once or twice a year. Ignorance is not so bliss in this circumstance.

We have had years go by with out owning a scale. One broke. One got thrown out in a fit of rage. I never go and replace it. Wayne does. He loves the scale.

There are actually people in my house excited to step on this contraption. Laila loves seeing her numbers go up, 35 lbs. 38 lbs., and now 40 lbs. She is thrilled!!! Football player, Monson and all of my skinny boys love to see their poundage go up too. It really is discouraging being the mother of boys who are over 6 feet tall that I weigh more than. Where's the justice?

Wayne doesn't seem to mind getting on the scale, even when he's tipping the 200 mark. He even gets on twice a day sometimes and fully clothed. What's up with that?

There is no way I have any clothing on when I step on the cold white surface. I close my eyes and think thin thoughts, and pray that I won't be upset when I look down at my feet. My eyes are so bad, I have to squint to read the number. (I don't have my glasses on-- they weigh too much. ) I only ever weigh right out of bed in the morning, nothing on, after having gone potty. Nada in my belly. This is my "true" weight after all. I would never think of stepping on that thing if I was dressed or if I had eaten something. Who wants that ? Then I would have to figure out how much my clothes weigh and divide it by what I ate that's still in my system and factor in the time of day....anyway the math gets too tricky.

SO the battle continues....will I weigh to day or not?


Lesley said...

Hi Melinda, Linda gave me a link to your blog. It was great to see your family at BHS the other night. Your sons are handsome, your daughter is beautiful, and you and Wayne look great!

Diane said...

Just remember Melinda, you are a muscular woman and muscle weighs more than fat. So if you weigh more it is because all your walking is building BIG muscles. Right?!
(Thanks for making me laugh out loud. They say it is really good for us to laugh and your blog always makes me do that.)