Friday, September 19, 2008

Diet Coke...I know bad for me right?

I'm off diet coke...again.
I have had a love /hate battle with this beverage for years.
I love that it has the word "diet" in front of it. It makes me feel like at least I'm trying. I order a large supreme pizza and a diet coke. See what I mean. I feel better about the pizza, because of the drink order.

I love the stinging feeling, pouring down my throat when I eat Mexican food.

I love DC with Movie theatre popcorn.....(.argh the popcorn again. It's like my nemesis!)

I'm off it again....or at least trying to be.

I like to tease that I'm so perfect if I didn't drink Diet Coke, I would be translated.

So, after drinking a lot of DC on Wednesday......I was up all night with crazy dreams and a racing heart. 3:30 a.m. my eyes are wide open and wouldn't close again.
I didn't know that 104 ozs. of diet coke would do that to me....but it did.
Who drinks 104ozs of pop a day anyway? I'm worse than an alcoholic. I should probably start my own support group DietCokesAnonymous and come up with my own 12 step program.
I can' t seem to get enough.
The interesting thing is soda pop doesn't go right through me.
I can have a full 32 oz at the movie theatre and get the refill during the movie, and still not be racing to the bathroom at the end of the movie.
I have a bladder of a horse...just ask my friend Kimi-- she's been in the next stall and can attest to this fact.
New Resolution: No diet coke for me.
I know carbonation in general contributes to bone mass decay and helps hold extra weight around the stomach. Get rid of carbonation, get rid of a few extra pounds. It sounds good, but am I willing to nix all diet drinks out of my life? I"ll stick to diet lemonade and fresca....and water for now.

My friend Si gave me a shirt that announces "I'm off Diet Coke," because I always say I am going to be off Diet Coke...but this time , hopefully, I will be for always.

Now what about a Diet Pepsi?
Just Kidding

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Si said...

I am so glad you are living up to the shirt. Now, you can save the money you would have otherwise spent on your bad habit and dontate to the less fortunate = more pedis!