Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My feet are BIG--

My friend Laura has little feet. Little, narrow feet that are really beautiful.
I have big, long feet that are extremely wide right before my toes happen. They are odd looking really. Veiny and boney and ed.
I try on shoe after shoe and most of them just hurt.

For most women, shoe shopping is the best kind of shopping to do in skinny body or in chunky, shoes always fit.

I used to wear cute shoes. Now I'm more into comfortable shoes. Can you say CROCS? I know they are ugly clown shoes, but dang, they are comfy.

I'm afraid this same philosophy was moved to some of my past years clothing choices. Comfort is queen. I need the elastic waist band and over size shirt.
I don't want anything to touch or pull. When it touches, the (whisper please) C. H. U. B.
appears and it makes me sad. So I'm all for the comfort and the over sized.....or I was. It's good every once in a while to squeeze into my jeans and see just how far off course I've gone.

Resolution: I've decided my shoe shopping habits can't flow into my clothing shopping any more.

Now I'm obsessing over my other odd shaped body parts. I have really big knuckles on my fingers, and then smaller at the base. I wear 8 rings and they are always spinning around. Heavy or skinny, my rings still spin.

My wrists are really tiny too. If one were to guess my bone structure based on my wrists, I would be petite/small for sure. Most watches have to have extra holes punched in the band so they fit. Then there's my baby belly and my no butt...and...and...and

Okay enough obesessing. I can really get off base when I start picking out my individual parts. I need to remember it's the whole that's the important thing. I think Lucifer is probably happy right about now, because I'm off on my anti-body tangent again. Well I'm not going to stay here. Once again....I am enough . I am a daughter of God. I am okay.
There...I've breathed in and released.
No more shopping for me.

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Raike said...

I too have big feet & used to get best fit shoes for me through Sierra Trading Post.