Thursday, September 4, 2008

Day 3 on the diet

I got up this morning with good intentions. I got my work out clothes on and went into my basement to do squats and lunges and weights until Laila went to school. Then I went walking with my good friend Laura. 3 miles. No big deal. I can walk 13 miles and it won't bug me. I can walk hills and flats-- mountains and roads. You name it and I'll walk it. I've even done a 1/2 marathon -- twice. So I'm feeling good. Feeling strong. Then I walk back into my house and take out a box of cereal-- low fat granola--and STUFF MY FACE. Why? Why? I did start to feel a little bad and realized it was all carbs, so I grabbed a handful of raw almonds to eat with it, my protein. Yeah, that made it healthier?!?! Why can I do the exercise part so well but not the eating part?

That is a good question Melinda-- Why?

I've thought a bit about this now, in between putting the cereal box away and having a huge drink of water to get me out of my eating mode.

Exercise doesn't take all day. Eating is an all day event. It happens every 3 hours. Exercising happens once a day-- usually in the morning , then I don't have to think about it anymore.

Thinking about what I'm eating is important-- especially for the next two months. I need to not allow myself to zone out. I need to stay in the moment with my feelings and be aware of what I'm putting into my mouth. I need to do this, even if it's hard.

I can do hard things......I just wish it was easier.


Si said...

Good Grief!!!!!!!!!!! I had no idea all of the heartache you have been through. I love you at 155 or 125 ( I remember that time!) I'm going to find a good recipe to post on my blog for you. One you can eat on this diet. Oh, and I love you now, at 160 or whatever you are.

Diane said...

Dearest Melinda! I just love you, too. I couldn't care less how little or much you weigh, but, obviously, you do. So I wish I could somehow make this easier for you. You are truly one of my most favorite people in all the world and I admire and envy you so much. Remember that whatever happens with your weight, you are awesome and dearly loved. That said, your friends will all help you in any way we can to achieve your goal. What can we do to support you?

I'm proud of you for going for it again. Good Luck!