Friday, September 5, 2008

I'm going crazy.....( sing it please)

I wish I had the 2 minutes back that I was yelling at my son on my phone, while standing on 2100 south with traffic whizzing by. It's really embarrassing when I think about it. Oh, yes.....I wish I had those 2 minutes back!!!!

Landon's car went up in smoke while driving to work, so I , as any good mother would, dropped all of my scheduled activities for the afternoon and helped him get the car to a mechanic. He was on Foothill Blvd, and when I looked up the closest place to take the car, it was a Midas on 9th East and 2100 south in Salt Lake. So the plan was to fill the radiator with water , then mostly coast down 2100 south to Midas.

All is well. Although, I had just spent a 1/2 hour trying to locate Landon's school and my cell phone wasn't working for this same 1/2 hour-- call failed, network busy-- was the only action I was getting. And......I was only slightly peeved that I was missing Monson's football game and probably Laila's soccer game to help this dear boy.

I checked into Midas and waited for Landon. No Landon. I called his phone-- no answer. Finally he calls me and tells me he turned into Burt Brothers Tires, two blocks earlier, thinking it was Midas and now his car was dead again.
Are you kidding me-- Burt Brothers doesn't even have the letter "m" anywhere in the title. How could this confusion happen? It doesn't even have Midas anywhere on it's sign or building. But the mistake was made and now I was angrily screaming at Landon on the phone for his spelling/reading mistake. He screamed back. It was a touching Mother - Son moment.

So, as I hung up my next thought was I HAVE TO EAT SOMETHING-- oh, I longed to EAT SOMETHING. Chocolate cake or a big Cinnabon smothered in icing or a big bag of Doritos...I didn't really care. Just something. It's a good thing I had no cash on me, and Landon was only a block or so away, so I couldn't run into the closest McDonalds and order 3 cookies plus 2 apple pies for 2 bucks. AAAARRRGHHH!!

Anyway, I didn't eat anything. The moment passed. I apologized to Landon and asked for the 2 minutes back. I made it through this crazy moment without so much as a morsel crossing these lips.

Good job on the food front today. Bad job on the mother front.


Si said...

You are my hero. Seriously, you are.

Peggy said...

Oh, Melinda. We just returned today from our Alaskan cruise. I finally managed to roll in and check the computer and found your posts. Boy, just what I need. These are priceless! I'm right with you in so many areas. You are great, really, thanks for your absolute honesty! Okay, hills and miles on Monday.