Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Get thee hence, Popcorn!

Popcorn is the devil!!
You know that Carnival we had last weekend? Well the carnival ended but the popcorn machine is still here!!
I looovvve the POPCORN!!!
I know the answer is just stop making it, but I'm not the one doing it. My family, my Wayne, just keep pop, pop, popping it!
Wayne wasn't returning the cotton candy machine or the popcorn machine until a week from Monday ( He's out of town in Columbia-- CIA agent or restuarant guy? Hmmm)
So, we had left overs from Saturday's Carnival and then we popped more on Sunday afternoon and invited friends over to eat it. I ate it too. Finally on Monday afternoon I was determined to get the machine put away. I cleaned out what was left and should have just trashed it all. But I didn't . I can't waste good theatre popcorn. I put it in a big tupperware bowl and sat it on the counter for the kids to eat when they got home from school, like any good mom would. Then, I had Landon help me carry all of the heavy machines and materials and stow it all in the back of my Expedition in the Garage. Out of sight, out of mind. Out of mind, out of my mouth. That was the plan.
Well that bowl of popcorn called to me....and called to me.... so I just had one, good, totally yellow kernel of beautiful salty popcorn. Then another yellow one. How does my friend, Linda, eat just one kernel at a time? It tastes so much better with a bundle of three. I know, I'll just eat the yellow ones. When they were gone, the white ones had to go too. By the time the kids got home from school and evening rolled around, there wasn't much popcorn left.

I did throw the broken crumbs away and I didn't lick the bowl. (Score bonus points on both of those accounts. )

It's a new day.....and I'm on the Healthy eating track again. So far , so good. Yogurt and Cottage cheese....yum!

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