Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Savoring the BIte

Laila brought home a beautiful, fresh caramel apple rolled in MnM's, from her soccer game . It looked delectable......but I am strong! She tried biting into it, but I convinced her to slice it up and eat it that way. She ate about half and then just left the apple and the carmel and the MnM's just sitting in the kitchen. I walked by it time and again. On one of these walk arounds, I just grabbed a slice of apple and threw it in my mouth and ate it as fast as I could, looking around to make sure no one was watching. I can't even remember what that bite tasted like. I was too concerned I was going to be "caught." I stopped before I put the second piece into my mouth. I took a breath and decided to taste this one. I did. The bite was filled with carmelly, goodness a little chocolaty and some apple. Loved it. Then I threw the last two pieces in the garbage.

New Resolution:
I'm going to savor every "non diet" bite I take. Even the first one. I'm going to notice myself having it and relish it. ( Relish, now that sounds good on a white hotdog bun and sausage dog from Costco.--- that's a side note food fantasy.)
In the past I would put it in my mouth and eat it really quickly in an effort to hide it from myself. If I ate it really fast, then I didn't really eat it. Right?
Not true. I would eat the one bite really fast, then the next and the next. I didn't pay attention at the time, to the food. But I definitely paid attention a bit later when I was full, but still empty.
This is worthy of my attention......

I'm going to notice what is going into my mouth-- so I won't have so much on my hips and belly to notice later.

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