Monday, September 15, 2008


I go to teacher meetings in St. George with a bunch of teacher friends 3 times a year. It is fun and full of meetings and eating and we always have a massage night. We sign up at Massage Envy. Everyone comes out of there bragging about how wonderful it was. 'My masseuse did this, I'm so relaxed", "well mine did this, it felt so great."....I just come out ticked off. Twice now.

What is up with tickling masseuse's or barely pushing my arms ones?

I start out the same..." I like it medium to deep-- if it hurts I'll tell you to stop."
I 've yet to get what I want.

Then I have to pay for my bad time.

My theory is: Car washes should be pay by size of car you have...compact pays less, suburban pays more...
Massages should be the same by size of body you have.
I have other charges involved too-- pay by size of body you have, minus the masseuse not doing what you want, add in the down time of laying and listening to weird music, subtract the weird towel placement as they work around your body.

YOU get it...pretty soon the $50.00 St. George massage, is about $20.00 for me.

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