Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Choo Choo....on the weight train again.

I'm on the weight train again. Choo Choo
Wayne of course got me onboard again. He got on the scale and when it tipped 200 pounds, I heard a groan of despair coming from the bathroom, and I knew I would be dragged into losing weight once again.
It's good and it's bad to be married to Wayne. Wayne keeps me on track spiritually, emotionally and financially; that's the good part. But.....when Wayne goes on a diet, I have to go on a diet....that's the bad part. I have to diet whether I'm ready or not.
I argued with Wayne all summer, especially through the month of August, telling him I just wasn't ready. I didn't want to worry about not eating treats at the family reunion, or scones on the 24th of July, or having a huge dinner for my birthday. I didn't want to think about it, while we were on a boat cruise in Portland, or traipsing through the streets of New York.

But Sept. 1st hit and I promised Wayne and myself that I would be ready. So here I go.....

Now for what I'll be eating, today, tomorrow and every day for 2 months. Simple proteins and carbs....yum. Yogurt and cottage cheese ( my mouth just waters as I write it...not) Nuts and an apple, chicken and salad, a protein meal bar....., tuna and wheat toast, eggs...string cheese...and lots of green veggies. I notice there is not a piece of chocolate or a sweet treat on the list.

So that's my lot in life ...I'll eat my bland food and just go to my friend Si's cooking blog to see beautiful pictures of food and read all the great recipes. Maybe that will fill me up.

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