Sunday, September 14, 2008

Flexing my spiritual muscle

We were walking the other morning,and moaning about how exercise is never ending. How we will be doing it now and 30 years from now.
Hmmmm.... it got me thinking how that's not really a bad thing. It's a never ending thing, but not necessarily bad.
I like the exercise pursuit. (I really like it when I have a support group around me, when I can talk and get connected with friends in the morning hours.)

Working on my physical side is a lot like working on my spiritual side.

I don't just have a testimony when I'm 16 and then never think about it or work on it or worry about it again.... It's a constant struggle. It takes vigilance and doing something every day or every week to make sure it stays strong. Read the scriptures, go to church, pray and have family home evening over and over again. It's a life time pursuit.
Sometimes my testimony is strong and sometimes it's weak--just like my body. Some years I can take on the world in walking, biking, running.....eating well. And some years, I am in the trenches, struggling with my body image and my thoughts.
(Currently I'm trenching it)

My spiritual side is tied into my physical side. This marathon task of achieving a body image that is both spiritually good and physically healthy may take a life time. But I believe the the every day-ness of it can be satisfying.
I refuse to give up. I need an attitude of honesty and hope to bring about this mighty change. I need to get out of my indifferent and hopeless state. I need to remember who I am and Whose I am.
So I'll keep on exercising. Power walking the hill with the s and riding the tandem with Wayne, and trying to get my aerobic work out on my treadmill, and lifting weights, and doing sit ups and push ups...and, and , and... it's okay.

30 years are going to go by any way.

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