Saturday, September 20, 2008

Danger! "Try Me" Ladies ahead!

Costco is a danger zone.!!
It is hard to go through there without the occasional nibble, let alone the high calorie munch. It's interesting to note, the typical "try me" lady is a grandma. So sweet, so full of goodness, she couldn't possibly be thinking about sabotaging my diet.
My thought process goes something like this, "I have to try the food before I buy it. What if my children won't like the Scrambled eggs Montego, or the Sundried tomato hummus? What about the Chilli, the Fat Boys, the Ultra Thin crust pizza? One little bite can't hurt me, am I right?"
After I've noshed through aisle after, sometimes, not too tasty aisle. I'm full.
I have been known to have my entire lunch going from one try me table to the next, and sometimes back again. A disguise would definitely help.
I eat it all then usually, order me a diet coke ( I know, bad for me right?) to wash it down on the way out the door.
Well today after filling my gut, the one good thing I did, was get a CAFFEINE free Diet Coke.
Baby Steps.....
Yes, Costco is definitely a danger zone.

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