Monday, September 29, 2008

I miss my diet coke!

I have now been caffeine free for over a week .
My heart isn't racing.
I can sleep at night.
I'm not running to the bathroom trying to empty the 104 oz. I just guzzled.
I don't have headaches from missing a day of Diet Coke.
It all sounds good, but.....
I did have to live on Excedrin for a few days to get off of it...and.....

I just miss it so ooo oooo oo much!

My grandma Butters was a diet pepsi drinker. She would try to hide it when the grandkids were around by pouring it in a cup and calling it "sweet aloha". Who did she think she was kidding? I loved my Grandma's sweet elixir. I secretly blame her for my addiction.
Giving up my diet coke is hard on me.
It 's like cutting my arm off-- whatevs.
I miss my "best friend"--DC
Listen to my whine!!
I've been drinking more water, fresca and diet lemonade-- it's okay-- that diet coke really did hit the spot.

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