Monday, September 15, 2008

154 lbs and counting

I've lost 8 pounds and I'm celebrating!!!
Celebrating and hoping beyond hope that Ill keep it off this time.

154 pounds looks different on everybody. Our height and body build have a lot to do with the weight we carry.
My friend L. is also around 154 pounds, and is shorter than me by an inch and is happy to stay at this weight and maintain. She recently lost over 30 pounds, and everyone tells her how great she looks, and she does. But at 154 pounds I don't look so great.
We all carry our weight so differently. It's interesting.

Sizes in clothing stores are crazy. One designers 12 is another one's 8. It makes me wonder? Of course I would rather buy the 8-- but knowing it's just like the 12 next door, isn't as much fun for me. And who says, One size fits all.....shouldn't it say, One size fits most?
I don't know?
You can tell I just got done going to TJMAxx and I'm kind of discouraged.
Of course I did find something that fits no matter what....SHOES. I bought a bright orange pair, because I can't have too many of those.

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Si said...

Shoes are good. Shoes are our friends. I think your friend L looks great, and I keep forgetting to tell her. So pass it on.