Wednesday, September 10, 2008

4 in the afternoon--my least favorite time of day

4:00 hits. All of the kids are home from school and work. Backpacks are on the floor. Papers are strewn on the table. Shoes are kicked off haphazardly. Cupboard doors are open. Food is flying. The noise level is amazing as everyone tries to speak over everyone else. The tv is on. The computer is playing some tune, or being fought over. It's enough to make a grown woman weep!

I've just had 6 hours of uninterrupted "me" time. My "me" time isn't really just about me per se. I am working on my computer, making phone calls, dealing with the laundry, cleaning, running errands, going to lunch, more computer, maybe a meeting or a movie. This is what my day usually consists of, but when it's 4:00, my day becomes everyone's day.

This time of day is difficult for me. It might be easier if I could ease into it a bit, maybe one child home at a time. But when all 5 are vying for my attention and I have to "deal," the pressure makes one, well makes me, want to EAT EVERYTHING IN SIGHT!

I'm just as ravenous as the kids at this point. They're eating, I'm eating.....maybe that's why the food is flying. I NEED HELP!
I am trying to learn from this. If I stop myself and breathe, I'm not really hungry at all. The deal is I use food for everything....including making it through this stressful time of day.

I know I need to enjoy the journey. I know my house won't always be filled with homework needs, big bodies and stinky shoes. While I'm on this journey I need to figure out better coping skills.
Running away isn't an option-- although I've thought about it many times , right around 4:00.


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It was amazing how quickly the very noisy became just Annaliese and I and not really very noisy any longer. . . . the you and Laila time will happen sooner in the blink of an eye. . .