Sunday, November 27, 2011

#27 Thankful for Missions

I am so thankful for my missionary son, Truman, serving in the England, Manchester mission.  I love getting his emails each week.  He is so positive and filled with the spirit.  It is contagious.  I have heard it said that ...." a boy smiles more on his mission than he does in his whole life."
I am so thankful to be getting another son, Monson, ready to serve in the Michigan, Lansing mission.  He leaves in 5 weeks.  We got all of his clothes purchased this weekend, and his pics taken.  He can't wait to get out of here and get into missionary mode on  Jan. 4th, 2012.
I am thankful Addison served an honorable mission in the Great Baton Rouge Louisiana Mission.  He came home totally converted to the gospel and ready to serve in His kingdom.
I am thankful for my parent's mission to Scotland.  We all lived this mission as a family and met so many wonderful saints....who are our extended family in Scotland now.
I am thankful for Wayne's mission to Argentina, Cordoba.  He recently got a letter from a sweet sister whom he baptized 30 years ago.  This family went to church for 5 years, then have been out of the church for 25 years because of pride...but because of a valiant Visiting teacher and some amazing tender mercies...has since gotten back into activity and sent a wonderfullly inspiring email to my Wayne, thanking him for serving a mission and hoping he remains ever faithful in the church.
I am thankful for my Dad's mission to the Southern States, and Wayne's dad's mission to Somoa.... and all of the many relatives and friends who have served or are serving all over this world.
Missionary work is truly amazing.
I am thankful.

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