Monday, November 28, 2011

#28 Thankful for my Dad

My dad is the sweetest.  He cries at the drop of a hat....he wasn't always this way, but as he gets older his tear ducts get bigger.   I blame my empathy crying on him.
We went to his sister Phyllis' funeral today in Preston, Idaho.   Out of 13 kids there are only 2 left, my dad and his baby brother Jerry.    It's always great to see extended family and cousins.  I don't know many, but everyone knows my dad.   He's the connector.
This was a small funeral....and  just like my Aunt Phyllis, really short.   It was 20 minutes long.   Funerals are to comfort the living, and so it was perfect for  her son's Brad and Alan.   Among a few nice grandchildren talks we had the Beatles sing....and Bro. Phil Collins.  Actually both of these were recordings that were to be played during the service.  The guy in charge didn't know this though, and actually announced that Bro. Phil Collins will  sing, "You'll be in my heart."  When Bro. Phil Collins didn't stand up to sing, (because he is a rockstar who lives in ENGLAND)...the man in charge, asked if Phil Collins was here, then some one indicated something pointing to the sound booth in the back of the mortuary, which made the man in charge incorrectly announce,  "Oh he's in the hallway, he will be here soon."  This was more than I could take.    My dad said, "oh boy," .......and we opened the chuckle gates.    Good thing I was sitting by Marcie and good thing when the recording finally began it was turned up pretty loud.   We were shaking with uncontrollable laughter  with tears coming down faces.... I am sure it just looked like we were sobbing with grief.
 Man it was comical.  I know Aunt Phyllis would have gotten a kick out of it.
We laughed about it all the way home.
I am thankful for my dad.

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Teri said...

Oh, how I love this story!