Monday, November 21, 2011

#21 Thankful...for positive attitudes.

My parents had a guy stand in their church yesterday and issue this challenge in regards to thankfulness.
"Let's pretend you wake up tomorrow morning and all you have in your world are the things that you were thankful for the night before......what would your world look like?

Only my family, and health and missions and gospel would be in tact...but not much else....

Gratitude can't be  "all "  encompassing.  It should reflect the details of our lives.

Tried to have my Mom's chemo consult appointment to day for her uterine cancer.  It continues to be a series of unfortunate events. She has had more struggles to get seen by docs and have the proper tests run and have front office staff  make and keep appts with her.  We are all just shaking our collective heads.   So today I was going in to hear the "word"  so I could report back what's really up and ask all of the questions that my parents can't think of in the moment.
My parents are very capable but when the big "C" word is mentioned, it tends to shut down portions of the brain and open up portions of the heart that make it difficult to concentrate.  Hence why I was going in today to listen.  Well we show up and the dr. office  forgot to put her appt in the computer..."we are so sorry and embarrassed, but you will just have to come back."    I think I have lost all appointment visitation rites because I was mad  and embarrassed  my parents.  I got so I couldn't even look at the staff person with out wanting to release all sorts of I just pulled out my cell phone and texted Wayne the craziness of the moment.
Mom labeled her doctor care the best..."A Comedy of Errors."
I hope we can continue to have positive outlooks and laugh at the ups and downs in our lives.
My mom is so good at this.....and my dad.
Sorry for being the embarrassing daughter.

I am thankful.

Latest update:  Marcie got in to the Doc with Mom....these are her notes....

FYI: The Dr’s. Office staff was so kind and apologetic over the miscue on Monday. Even the Doctor apologized. 

I went to the Doctor with Mom and Dad on Tuesday Nov. 22, 2011.  When Dr. Prystas entered the room she came with a great positive energy and calm.  She spent a good 20 minutes talking with mom about her known medical history. She mentioned looking at the doctors reports and test from the Lung Doctor to the Cancer Doctors and others. The Doctor then did an external physical examination of mom; checking her lymph nods, lungs and in the pelvic region. She asked questions the whole time regarding mom’s menopause, and other female issues.  (I got the impression that moms case was unique and different….surprise…..not).

She left for a very short minute and returned with a treatment plan.

- Dr. Prystas then spent another 32 minutes with us discussing the cancer and the treatment plan. (I was impressed that she wrote down notes for mom to take home with her. The notes included definitions, drug names etc….)

 - She explained what the cancer is and where it is located:
Endometrial Andino Carcinomatosis…..or most likely the common name of Uterine cancer.
Endometrial Carcinoma is uterine cancer. Andio carcinoma is a cancer cell. Carcinomatosis means the cells have attached or metastasized in several areas.
The cancer is not in the organs but surrounds the organs and is in the pelvic area in the mesentery area or apron of fat.
(The reason for the lung fluid is the diaphragm presses on the lungs and cause fluid to develop. She found it interesting that they found the cancer cells the first time the lung fluid was checked. Usually only 1 in 3 times it is found this way).

- It is highly unlikely that the cancer will be cured, however it is possible especially since the symptoms of her cancer are so vague. With treatments the cancer most likely will shrink.

- Operation is not helpful at this time because of how the cancer is spread around and not in a specific organ. The risk is that you may leave cancer in the body.

- Radiation will damage the bowels and other organs since the cancer is widespread and not pinpoint -able.

- Recommends aggressive Chemotherapy.
First treatment Tuesday Nov. 29, 2011, 1:00pm
Six, four-hour treatments every 3 weeks. Depending on how the therapy is being tolerated.
The drugs used are Carboplatin and Trxall, mixed with an anti nausea drug and benadryl.  
Administered by IV
Side affects: Nausea, Hair loss, Fatigue, Constipation.
Possible side affects: mouth sores, achy bones, neuropathy, appetite and taste may be off.
Allergic reaction possible but they will know with in the first few drops of the
Won’t loose weight.
Hair loss by the second treatment.
Good news side affects are reversible.
Drugs to take before and after treatments: Steroid before the first treatment only. Nausea medication to use after treatment as needed.
Blood tests are done at each treatment to study the cancer markers.
CAT scan after the third or fourth treatment to check the cancer.
If she is responding to the treatments surgery is possible. If not responding they will evaluate and figure out the next step.

- No special diet recommended.  
- No extra vitamins needed.
- Flu shot needed.
- Be careful of germs. Wash hand and use hand sanitizer. We can only visit if we are well; No coughs, sniffles, sore throats, etc…. We may want to keep the kisses to a minimum.
- Drink lots of water to keep the kidneys clear of the drugs.

We left feeling positive and hopeful.

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Kimi said...

This is the exact treatment my mom just finished. So if you want to talk...

Your mom is amazing. I know she will handle this with grace and strength. It will be hard, but she can do it!

Sheri and family are on my prayer list.

You are a courageous family--you will make it!