Wednesday, November 9, 2011

#10 Thankful for talents

Addison and Bre are in Xanadu at WSU.

 It's  silly spoof based on the old Xanadu and Clash of the Titans movies from 1980.  Bre is the Olivia Newton John part and Addison is Hermes - in the chorus.  It's a roller skating disco show.  Bre looks like Malibu barbie and sings like a dream.  Addison is a hoot with  his great face and I know his favorite part is when his wife is sitting on Pegasus, singing and Addsion gets to rock the horse back and forth and listen to and gaze at her.

It's a joy to be in shows together as a couple.
Wayne and I did it numerous times and loved every minute of it. I look back on our Guys and Dolls and My Fair Lady shows with such fondness.
                           Me as Eliza Doolitle, Director Bev Olson and Wayne as Henry Higgins.   1998

We also had a wonderful time as a family performing in The King and I and Fiddler on the Roof.
I love singing and dancing and choreographing and acting and directing and just being on stage.

 I am thankful for my talents and for everyone else in the performing arts that entertain me.  


Cengiz 2.1 said...

um, yes. i LOVE this picture from king and i. addison and monson... oh i love you all!

Si said...

OH MY GOSH. Those pics are priceless.
I remember you and Wayne in this play. I remember telling Grant about Wayne being in it with you. I rem telling him how fun it was to see you two up there, and how Wayne looked like he loved it as much as you. Well, almost. Then Grant said "Si, Wayne does not love this." HAHAHAHAHA.
The King and I pic. I want a copy.