Monday, November 14, 2011

#14 Thankful....for my nose

I am so thankful for my nose.  I don't have a great sense of smell......which definitely makes cleaning up the mishaps of babies and children much more tolerable, but I do enjoy a good sniff.
Favorite smells include:
 Roast beef Sunday dinner.  Walking in the house from a 3 hour meeting is the best with this smell greeting you at the door.
  A Baby's neck right out of the tub all lotioned up!   Heaven!
    Hot buttered popcorn at a movie theatre......
      Cutting green/red/yellow peppers and or peeling and cutting up cucumbers.  Love the freshness!
        Pumpkin pie............mmmmm
(  Plus, I am thankful for my nose because it holds my glasses up.  )

I am thankful.

1 comment:

Rachel Emily said...

That is the best purpose for a nose! Holding our glasses up is really important!