Wednesday, November 16, 2011

#16 Thankful for laughter

Wayne, Laila and I have a lot of fun together.  The sound of laughter is in our home a lot.  Laila is always saying something that gets us giggling.  She told Wayne that she is a lot more mature than he was at 9.  She told me that she is thankful that there is food in the house, that we don't have to cook, so we can go out and eat.  She acts like Monson's Winston- Stuffed animal-- is real,  and is all about taking care of this bear for Monson while he is away.
Recently we laughed ourselves silly while taking pictures in photobooth.  It's good to be silly.

I am thankful


Erin Blake said...

Please tell me that last one isn't Wayne in the red shirt..

waynetwelch said...

What are you saying Erin??