Sunday, November 6, 2011

#6 Thankful for Fasting

I am thankful for Fast Sundays.
 I remember as a kid and teen ager dreading the monthly fast.  I would sneak candy and food in my room and moan and complain until I am sure I drove my parents nuts.
I have since repented of my childish ways and have seen the light...and value in Fast Sunday.
I really enjoy having a reason to fast.  It makes it more bearable when my stomach is growling.  I just say a little prayer and have the hunger be a reminder of the requested blessing I am asking for.
We have been having a Special family fast for my sweet Mom today.    The Docs have found cancer markers in her body, and although they have yet to pinpoint it exactly...they are talking chemo, biopsies and surgery and it all makes my head spin and my heart hurt.
I love my momma and want her to be on this side of the veil for a long, long  time..............
and so I fast.
When we all fast and pray together collectively there is power.
I am thankful.

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Teri said...

Please keep us posted on your mom. Give her a big hug for me and tell her I'll be praying for her. Much love- Teri