Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday 5 fave....old TV shows

I remember watching the Wonderful World of Disney at my grandparent's home on Sunday evening during the winter months, while the grown ups talked.  (In the summer months we played  "Annie-ay-over",  throwing the ball over their house and running like crazy people through the breezeway, lest we get pelted with the much fun)  The show was originally in black and white and when my grandparents got a colored television set  we were amazed.  My own home  color tv set soon followed.  (It makes me feel really old to be thinking like this... I guess I am almost 50....but still.)
I have been reminiscing about tv shows of my youth.

We didn't watch a lot of tv, but I do have my favorites.

1.  Carol Burnett Show-- The Perfect Variety  show for me... Singing, dancing and comedy sketches.
2.  Mary Tyler Moore Show-- Single girl in a big city working for a tv news show.  The final episode group hug was fabulous.

3.  Happy Days--  The 50's, The Cunningham family and the Fonz. I would pray that Mutual wouldn't be on the same night as my favorite show.  It was hard on me...but I have seen them all in reruns.

4.  MASH--  The Helicopter coming over the mountains of Korea.... I can see it now. I fell in love with the Dr's and army personnel of the 4077 Mash Unit.  Really well written and a classic tv show.  I  watched these mostly after the news during my dating days with Wayne, then at 11pm we would hug, and he would go home.  (When I turned 18 we would kiss and he would go home.)

5.  Hogan's Heroes-- I can hear the theme song now. This show took place in a German prisoner of war camp.  Not really what a sitcom is made of.....but this made WW2, almost fun.  The characters were great...the accents...the struggles.  Colonel Clink.....and all of the comrades made me tune in week after week.   I did have a reoccurring nightmare, as a child, about nazi's taking me and Marcie from our  bedroom.  We were screaming and wearing our blue coats that mom made us.  It probably had something to do with this show.

#18   I am thankful for televison.

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