Tuesday, November 8, 2011

#8 Thankful for the Internet

I am truly thankful for the internet.  The ability we have to connect and find answers and work from home...it's all so amazing.
I know the internet, just like everything, has it's good and it's dark side.........I am celebrating the good.

I love that I can send a Welch Week email out every week to my friends and family.  It serves as my journal and my catch up.

I love that I can work from home as an online school teacher.  What a wonderful, time flexible job.

I love that I can skype and face time Wayne when he's in China....and my missionaries at Christmas and Mother's day.  I can talk to and see such handsome faces!!

I love all of the reference materials on the web.  I remember having encyclopedia volumes in my home growing up.  They were kind of good...and eventually outdated.  Being able to have instant access to so much information is wonderful...and at times daunting.

I love the ability to do genealogy and meet ancestors, blog  and also have social media.  I am not a facebook fanatic, but with my smart phone I certainly check it more than I should.

I am thankful to live in this computer day and age.

I am thankful.

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bre and add said...

Amen. The internet is such a blessing! i love that picture at the top with the pretty yellow leaves :)