Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nov Goals-- 30 days of Thanks

My month of increased creativity was a success.... I even had a new look on my blog, much to many reader's chagrin...so I have switched back to my easier to read format.  It's all good.

November will begin my 30 days of Thanks.  

#1.  I am thankful for....Holidays and the Holiday season which begins with Halloween and goes until New Years.  The Holidays are a great time to gather with friends and family and take a break from the mundane.

Halloween was a giant success... we played, partied and ate til we all sat around in sugar comas.

I got up in the morning and by 8:30 I was decked in my witch outfit for the day, complete with neon orange hair.  I like to tell people... I just rolled out of bed, and this is what I usually look like before I shower.

Landon was a playboy bunny.  Not really appropriate as my helper at the Welch cousin party at Cyrrena's house.    But he was atleast out of bed and without a headache.  We ate lunch,  crafted mummy cups, played bingo, Don't eat Frank, Mummy wrap, Cut the flour/Quarter, and Jumped on the tramp. It was a gorgeous day!!

Laila loved being a gangsta complete with "Lookin' like a fool with my pants on the ground" costume and watercolor tattoos.   I was just happy she wasn't a bloody, scary mess as in years past.

Wayne helped cook Mom's doughnut recipe.  We didn't do as good a job as she does.  Her doughnuts are heavenly, ours are just ok.  I think it's the granite countertop I tried to do the final rising on, which never happened.  We fried them up anyway...and all 90 doughnuts got consumed.  Who can pass up a hot doughnut?

Laila collected too much trick or treat candy, and Wayne purchased too much candy to pass out to our 20 trick or treaters, so we have plenty of candy if anyone needs a sugar lift at any point in the coming months.

Life is good..... I am thankful.

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Si said...

Landon's costume.
And yours too.
You are crazy.