Sunday, November 13, 2011

#13 Thankful for Grandma Butters

I am thankful for my sweet Grandma Butters and the influence she had on my life.
My grandma would be 96 today.  She passed away two years ago, and when it's November I think about her  a lot and have her fore most in my heart.
My grandma taught me many things.

She taught me to be positive.  We would sit in grandpa's corner under the pity party sign and she was so willing to hear all my gripes and groans, but then we would always end up laughing and counting our blessings.  She was so funny and could always say something that would lighten up the situation.

She taught me that people are more important than things.   I think she first preached this to herself in an effort to get over the legendary blue paint spill on the flag stone and other grand children mess ups in her house, but eventually she totally believed it and lived it and we all knew this was true.  We still say this a lot in our family....people are more important than things.

She taught me to be a sharp dresser and not "give up" on yourself.  She always said that , "You don't have to look at your self all day, but other people give them something nice to look at."  She did her hair and put on her make up and put on her cutest clothes for all of us.  She had such a flair and great style.

She taught me to make friends and keep them.  She made friends in church callings, and in her ward and neighborhood and then had dinner parties, luncheons and planned vacations to strengthen these ties.  She was great at connecting and keeping life long friends.

She taught me to keep family close.  She was so great at knowing what was going on with her kids, grand kids and great grand kids. She was the fount of all family comings and goings.   She would go to sleep at night and instead of counting sheep, she would go through each family and say all of the names.  She had a big posterity so this was no small feat.  She believed in holidays and traditions and inviting all who needed a place to be loved.

This is an old polaroid picture I carry in my scripture case of me and my grandma. I am in the 4th grade.  Grandma is carrying a present in front of my Uncle Steve's old home on 1200 south, Bountiful for a party.  I just love it..... I don't know why.

Happy Birthday Grandma!
I am thankful.

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Unknown said...

"She believed in . . . inviting all who needed a place to be loved." What a wonderful legacy she left, one I have felt through your family. Thank you. Paula