Tuesday, November 22, 2011

#22 Thankful for funerals

I love a good funeral.
I have had the opportunity to go to Wayne's Uncle Floyd's, Gary's Dad's-- Bill Call and two ward members, Bud Paul and Shirley Riss in the past two months.
I love that funerals bring people together.  Family that you haven't seen in ages are always at a funeral.
Funerals are so sweet and fun, that's right....fun, and full of grace.
LDS funerals are the best.  We should attend more funerals....they are good for our souls.
You come away filled with hope and have a renewed testimony of the plan of salvation.

I like to take notes at Funerals and gather all of the wisdom "nuggets":
From Uncle Floyd's--
"The only thing you can do with a pair of gloves on, is wet your pants."
"If you act busy, people won't talk to you."
From Bill Call's--  "They are the best parents, because they are my parents."
"Good is better than Great...many scriptures that verify this."
"Don't do dumb things."

I get to sing at many funerals.  I just sang  at Shirley Riss's.    I have a "trick" now, so I can sing and not end up a blithering mess with underscoring.  I take out my contacts, and blow up the music really big so I can still see it, but not see the audience.  I am an empathetic crier.  If someone is crying I always join in. When I can't see the criers, I can keep on singing.
IT's a win win-- as Laila says.
I am thankful.

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