Saturday, November 5, 2011

#5 THankful for Heat

I am thankful for heat and electricity.
It's hard to have a hot shower when the power is out...and you can just forget about blow drying or fixing your hair.  It's little things like electricity that I usually take for granted.  (It's funny that I am calling electricity a little thing.....)
The snow is beautiful outside.  The tress still have their leaves, so the branches are heavy and touching the ground.  I am so glad I can look at it from inside my heated home and get into my heated car to drive around.  I also love having a corn bag heated up in the microwave to warm my feet and hands.  
A hot shower...
A warm house....
and toasty hot cocoa in my hands with a hot corn bag on my lap..........mmmmm.........I am thankful.

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