Wednesday, November 30, 2011

#30 Thankful..........

I am thankful for Festival of Trees....  I try to be there on opening night to purchase something and see all of the beautiful trees.  
 I am reminded of all the years I decorated a tree with my wonderfully creative and generous sis-in-law--Sandy... we had a lot of fun coming up with ornament ideas and getting work parties together to make it happen for the Pharmacy guild.  We had a black and white cow tree and an angel tree and a nativity tree and a tall soldier tree...and many others.  We always wanted the trees to be sold on opening night-- and felt so sad when this didn't happen, but eventually all of the trees found a home.
I loved the time spent working on a Bubba Belnap  Skiing bear tree and a Sarah Belnap Angel tree with a wonderful group of friends.  We worked and cried and worked some more.  It was very therapeutic.
Festival of trees is such a wonderful, worthy fundraiser  for Primary children's hospital.  This hospital saved my Laila's life.....and I am grateful for any help we can give them.
I am thankful.

30 Days of thanks has been a good goal and an exhausting goal.
 I am thankful for be done.    I know that sounds like I'm ungrateful, which is not true at all.  It's hard to put into writing every day something meaningful that I am thankful for.  Something that touched me, or reminded me to count my many blessings.   I am glad I make myself do this each year though.  It's a good exercise in gratitude..... and now we are ready for December!

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