Thursday, November 17, 2011

#17 Thankful for Laila

I am thankful for Laila.... she is a bright, animated, loving, compassionate, friendly, inquisitive, happy, sweet, spiritual  daughter.   I am amazed every day how much joy Laila brings into my life....and how much crazy!?!!
4th grade School picture
We went through the Bountiful Temple with our forever family on November 23rd of 2002 to be sealed.  I am so grateful to have this memory of all my children in the temple together.

       Laila is one determined little girl.  She pulled her tooth out on Sunday night while laying in bed.  She didn't even know it was loose, and a half hour later it was out and she was ready for the tooth fairy to come.
She made me take this picture immediately after to send  to her brothers.  She knew they would all be excited for her.

I recently found this letter in Laila's back pack was an assignment for school.  It shows her creativity and her personality.

Dear Farmer Brown,
      We both know that Thanksgiving is coming up.  Every year you roast a turkey for your family that smells very delicious and fat.  Well, I'm a turkey and I suggest that you don't eat me.
     First of all, I'm very skinny.  You would still be hungry after eating me.  That means you wouldn't have enough protein. Don't you want your wife to be healthy?
     Secondly, I take longer than other turkey to cook.  You would just waste time roasting me for hours because I'm very skinny.  Also this would use a lot of electricity for the stove to work. That makes your electricity bill go way higher than usual.
     Last of all, I played "Alice in Turkeyland" on Broadway.  I am famous.  If you let me survie I can make you be famous too.  Just let me audition in New york one more time.  If you kill me you'll never be able to see my talents anymore.  You'll be average for the rest of your life. 
     Now you know that eating me for dinner is the wrong thing to do.  I'm writing this letter for your own good.  I think you want to be full and watch me sing and dance on Thanksgiving when you're waiting for atleast one hour for your other turkey.
                         Your talented turkey,

 Wayne Called Laila ....."One smart cookie."  She replied, " I'm not a cookie....I'm a brownie!"
I am thankful.


Melanie said...

So so cute. I haven't even seen Jacob's, but I am sure it is not as creative as this!

Si said...

This entry just came up on my Google reader...not sure why 6 months after! This is genius. Love this little girl. It's funny how the voice in the story reflects attitudes she may/may not have heard at home :)