Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday 5 fave....Self Help Books

I read a lot of "self help", pop psychology type books.  I enjoy the introspection and motivation to be better.  I know a lot of this comes from my mom, and I enjoy the discussions we have as well.

Your Erroneous Zones by Wayne W. Dyer   My first Aha moments came  from this book.  When I was a sophomore at BHS. My mom was reading this book for a college class she was taking.  I totally bought into it and couldn't put it down.  It was the first time I was aware that I was in charge of my emotions, and no one could MAKE me angry, or MAKE me happy.   I had all knowledge and power at the completion of this book.  My sibs would say...."You make me so mad!" And I would always respond, and  still do to this day,  " are choosing to be mad. I can't make you.  It's your choice."  Which would only MAKE them even more mad.

The Color Code by Taylor Hartman    My Mom held us all hostage with this idea while she worked with Taylor Hartman to market his book and go out and teach seminars on this topic.  My family all know who is Red, Yellow, Blue and White.  It's so ingrained in all of us that tests don't even need to happen.  We just hang around someone, and notice the characteristics portrayed, and we can easily drop them into a little colored box.  It sounds like we are limiting people and stereotyping, but it's actually the opposite.  It's quite liberating.  I get along better with all types of people, because I know the material in this book.    By the way... I am a Yellow/Red.

The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman  This book first came to our attention years ago, when the Marcie, Gary, Wayne and I attended a business seminar.  This  book and author were the highlight.  I remember going home to tell my mom and she was thrilled when we got the book and began practicing this idea of Love in our family.   .........I am a gifts girl and proud of it.

Remembering Wholeness by Carol Tuttle   This book has helped me through some hard times.  It's reminded me that I am not in charge of anyone but myself, and that gratitude and Love are the keys to this life.

Energy Dressing....also known as Essence Dressing  by Carol Tuttle and/or Taylor Sinclair
My Mom also worked with Taylor to help get a seminar going to teach this idea of Essence dressing to the world 20 years ago.   Taylor would do " her magic"and let you know if you were a 1, 2, 3 or 4 Essence.  Then she would tell you what colors and textures etc that would go best with that Essence.   The problem is only Taylor had the "magic" to make this happen, and  she really didn't want to share her secrets, so no seminar materialized.  Later this same idea was  found and re-packaged by Carol Tuttle.  She calls it Energy Dressing.  She is happy for all to learn about it.    This has impacted my family.  We all know what we are and we can choose to dress, wear  the appropriate colors, have the right hair etc.... if we want to make our Energy work for us.  I am a type 3.

Thankful #4--- Books

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