Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Some of my favorite things

Some of my most recent favorite things...???

1.  Dr. Scholl shoes.  These help my feet feel so much better.  I did something to my second big toe on the right and I am going to have surgery to get the ligaments reattached.  It's only a 50% effective type of surgery so I'm getting a second opinion before I do it.

2.Turkey burger from Costco.  So much cheaper than ground beef and in soup, chile or lasagna I can't tell the difference and it's so much healthier for everyone.

3. Little books to write in.  I keep them in my purse and all around my house.  I know the "in" thing now is to just write on your phone...but the act of actually writing it down with my own hand on a piece of paper is just delightful to me.

4.  Diet Dr. Pepper.  I've been a long time Diet Coke fan...but Diet DP is just delicious to me right now.  Maybe it's the cherry? This is my new go to when I want caffeine.

5.  Alex and Ani bracelets.  I only have 3 but each one is significant to me.  One has an angel on it for climbing Angel's Landing; one is a crown that was given to me by beautiful friends on my birthday; one is a gift that Wayne gave me when I played Dolly in Hello Dolly...that part was such a gift to me. Anyway...I love wearing them and thinking on these things as I do.

6.   Grandkid time!  Oh my I am loving it.  It's so great to have them all living so close so I can get plenty of it.

7.   Leaf blowers.  Our front yard leaves were in the gutter for the leaf truck to suck up in a very short amount of time. This saved Wayne and my aching backs and shoulders.

8.  My new black office chair... I love how it spins.  I love how I can make it tall or short.  I love the cush factor.

9.  Chicago style Popcorn..cheese and carmel mixed..from Costco.

10.  That election season is OVER!!

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