Friday, November 4, 2016

Day #4 Gratitude

I'm grateful to be at this point in my life.
Tru just flew in today to gather some stuff to take back to NYC.  He is living the POOR life for about a year until he gets better flights and figure out living expenses.  HE doesn't have any shelves or even a table to eat on...and it's ok, for now.  He's so great though to have a round. He seems to be in a better place emotionally and is just really loving his life, even with no money. He says he just checked his bank account and he has .98 to his name.  WOW
Monson and Lexi are in poor newlywed stage as well while Monson waits for VISA to hire him and works on a commission job with Crusher.  They hang out at our house a lot.  I'm glad they are in Bountiful so we can help them out.
 I remember those beginning work days back in our 20's when we didn't have money to go out and everything in our fridge looked horrible.  When our only entertainment was watching tv and playing card games or hanging out at our parents.   We  made it though the lean years and are more grateful for our life and the many temporal blessings we enjoy today.  It's nice to not be so stressed about money and to be able to help our kids out now and again.

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