Saturday, November 19, 2016

Day #19 Gratitude

I'm grateful for my little tumbler.
Laila is participating in competition tumbling this year with team  FUZION.  She has to go to tumbling 6 hours a week to work out and practice.  It's a real work out.  50 back handsprings, 70 pushups and 70 frog jumps later  and9she's exhausted at the end of each 2 hour session.  She has trampoline time too, working on her skills.
She had her first practice meet today and did pretty good.
She is competing in the 6 level and working on skills for level 7 and 8. 
I like this team, because they are all supportive of each other, they like each other  and really cheer each other on.  It's so refreshing to see teenagers acting like this.

I'm grateful that Laila has committed to this, even when it's hard for her.

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