Friday, November 18, 2016

Day #17 Gratitude

Grateful for this little one!  Tayla Addilyn is a hoot.  She is full of expression.  She is smiley then scowly then giving the stink eye, then smiley again all in a a few seconds.
Tayla walks/runs everywhere now.  She is feeding herself and eats most anything because of all her teeth.  She adores her parents and is getting good at giving kisses and blowing kisses as she waves goodbye.
Tayla totally lights up when Laila comes around.  It's darling to watch.  
I love being a grandma...a Meema....more than I ever thougth I would.  It's so fun to watch Tayla grow and go and to watch Lexi and Monson learn how to be parents.  

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