Thursday, November 3, 2016

Day #3 Gratitude

I'm grateful for wrapping paper.
I was wrapping birthday presents this morning for some friends and Laila said, "Your mom taught you how to do that really wll."  She remembered the stories of mom wrapping so many packages when my dad owned a men's clothing store through the 60's in Bountiful...Cole Esquire.  Mom was such a good wrapper that people brought in other packages for her to wrap for them. She always used tissue paper inside the boxes, beautiful wrapping paper that would crease well and plenty of ribbon on the outside.  She loved curly ribbon of all colors that she could run her scissors down and make curl even more.  Mom taught me and Marcie to wrap presents  and in our teen years we did holiday wrapping jobs for stores in the 1500 South shopping mall  which isn't there anymore.
Now when I'm wrapping packages at Christmas time, or birthdays, I really do think of my mom and how she loved to wrap.  Grateful for wrapping paper and these memories.

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