Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Day #2 Gratitude

Grateful for clean sheets.
     I'm going small here...but clean sheets are just the best.  When I was growing up  my mom had a housekeeper every two weeks to help her out. Funny thing is my parents were never "rich", but this was a necessity for my mom to keep her sane and let her be her creative self and not worry so much about housework.  Anyway..... her name was Eugenia Chapman and she was the best!  She helped my mom for at least 30 years until Eugenia retired .
     We knew when Eugenia came we would have clean sheets and a clean refrigerator.   Eugenia would wash our sheets then wait til we got home from school so we could help her put them back on our beds.  Sometimes Eugenia even made dinner before she left.  Anything to help my mom out.   When I change my bedding and get clean sheets on, I think of Eugenia and Mom.

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