Sunday, November 13, 2016

Day #11 Gratitude

Grateful for Biking Buddy Friends.  When Wayne and I started riding our bikes Wayne automatically got swept into a "club" of sorts which gives him a group of guys to biking with.  IT's this same group that did LOTOJA with him last year.  Anyway,  we are grateful for them for biking with us and for their friendship.  On Friday we went down to St. George to bike and to see the tribute band of Crosby Stills, Nash and Young.  I didn't know if I knew any of the CSN  songs going into the night, but I recognized and sang along with quite a few.  "Treat your Children well,"  "Just a song before you go," "Love the one you're with."   It was really fun.  I fell in love with a gray ponytail idea for Wayne's retirement.  He could totally pull it off, but probably won't.   Then, of course, biking the trails on Saturday.  It was a great get-away with my Wayne.  I am so blessed.
Blake and Julie Wade, Wayne and Me, Kevin and Robyn Martin, Julie and Tom ( not shown) Uriona and Diane and Bob Lake ( not seen) 

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