Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Day #9 Gratitude

     I'm grateful that we all have the right to vote and I'm grateful the election season is over.  It has been a battle with so much vitriol spread by the presidential candidates.   I can't stand Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.  I voted Independent party Evan McMullin because that's the only vote my conscience would allow.
     Today we unexpectedly  have a new president elect Donal Trump.....I really believed the polls and the media that he wouldn't win, so I was as shocked as anybody.  I guess what this shows is the country dislikes him less than they dislike Hillary.   I'm hoping Trump will be more like his "I won the election " speech and less like the hate speech he has been spewing this past year.   I liked Hillary Clinton's final speech and Pres. Obama's too.  We are Americans first.  We live in a great country..... we have a peaceful transition of power.  I like that.
     I understand that we as Americans are the one who shape this country not our President.
     I  know the sun continues to rise.  Wayne and I woke up this morning and went to work, Laila to school and we will live, worship, work and eat with each other day after week after matter who the President is.    

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