Monday, November 7, 2016

Day #6 Gratitude

I'm grateful for Relief Society.  I love being a part of this organization that lifts and serves and helps one another.
Today I taught a lesson from Sister Oscarson's talk from last April conference "Do I believe?"  It's about those defining moments in our lives when we are in crisis and all of the teachings and claims and truths we make as a church come into focus and we ask ourselves, "Do I believe?"  I shared when Laila had her head injury/cracked and bleeding skull accident 8 years ago.  Wayne was in China and I was pleading and praying and having priesthood blessings and all of my Families are forever...plan of Salvation lessons came into focus.  It brought me great comfort and strength knowing these are truths.  We had the Young Women with us in this combined lesson and we heard from 3 Young Women, one newly married, and 3 other sisters about "DO I believe" moments in their lives .  It was a powerful meeting and the spirit was very strong.  We ended with a mother/daughter group singing "I know that my Redeemer lives."  OH I just love sharing and learning the gospel with these sweet sisters...and I'm so glad it can happen weekly in Relief Society.  We need to lean on each other's testimonies sometimes.   Oh, how we need each other.

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