Saturday, November 5, 2016

Day #5 Gratitude

Grateful today for motorcycles and great family and friends to go on rides with.  Wayne and I really enjoy going on his bike.  Today we spent 6 hours doing mostly backroads to Peterson, Morgan, East Canyon Dam, Henefer, Echo Dam. Coalville..down to Jeremy Ranch and then East Canyon, Emigration Canyon and back home.  What a gorgeous day.  We did have to bundle up , but the sun was shining.  We had dinner at Ruth’s Diner. 

It's fun that so many of our family and friends have ( had)  motorcycles.  Angela and Guy, the Belnaps,  Wangsgaards , Brad and Karen, Bailey and Steve, Terry and Cyrrena, we have many options of who to ride with.   Laila  loves it. Monson got his motorcycle license and rides with Wayne too.

I'm grateful to spend the time with Wayne on the back of his motorcycle.  We listen to music, talk a bit, meditate, look at the gorgeous scenery, plan lessons and sing.  It's a good time.  

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