Thursday, November 17, 2016

Day #16 Gratitude

I'm grateful to be in the ward Relief Society presidency.  It's a chance for me to get to know the ladies in the presidency better-- Chris Briggs, Karen Smith, Shauna Mason and Gina Cengiz.  It's also a chance to visit so many other women in our ward and get to know them.  I'm thankful for this part.  We go out visiting to a few ladies each week.  We sit in their homes and feel of their goodness. The spirit confirms to me each time  that we are all in this together, just moving forward doing the best we know how and we need to help and lift along the way.  
Our goal is to get to everyone within a year.  We have 114 women we have stewardship over.

I also like being the counselor in charge of the activities and meetings. I do this with my chairman Barbara Schwartz and her committee.   We had a wonderful My Favorite things share around and fall dinner in October.  We are planning our January something and March birthday party dinner now.

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