Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Day #15 Gratitude

Grateful for this beautiful extended Autumn weather we are enjoying
Grateful for good bread.  I've made Diane Lake's easy french bread recipe twice today..it does not disappoint.
Grateful for a good friend.  I feel so blessed to have many good friends. Today I got to spend some time with Si.  She is amazing in so many ways.  I always leave her presence feeling uplifted spiritually and empowered to be a better cook.
Grateful for air travel.  Wayne flew to California this morning and home tonight...and Tru flew in today for a little 24 lay over.  Even though Tru is based in NYC we still see him a lot.
Grateful Addison's family and Landon's family made it home safe from their fun Disneyland trips.
Grateful to take food to the cute Bingham girls...Heidi, Tara and Calli.  Tara just had a baby.  Calli is hoping to go into labor any day now, and Heidi had disk surgery and is in a neck brace trying to be the MOM and not even being able to pick up the baby.  It's so frustrating for her.  Hopefully our little food offering will help.
Grateful that Monson is getting closer to starting his new job with VISA credit card.  It will be a relief to him and his cute family to have $ coming in.
Grateful for my sweet DIL Lexi.  Today is the 3rd anniversary of her baptism. She continues to be a strong member, sharing her testimony and goodness.

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