Sunday, February 1, 2009

Painting Fever

I spent all day Saturday painting my living room.
I've been thinking about doing this for about a year. I loved my yellow living room, but the rug didn't match it and had to go.... I shopped around for a new rug, and to get the size I need found out I would be spending around a thousand dollars. Are you kidding me? My next choice was to embrace the blue and brown rug with hits of other dusty colors....and get rid of the yellow.
I chose to go with rust walls on the bottom wall, a milk chocolate color on the top and a light blue on the vaulted ceiling.
I painted all day on Saturday.
Wayne helped with the ceiling, until he got too dizzy and was pretty much wiped out for the rest of the day. He did great on blue ceiling though.
I cleared out the room, and was ready by 9:00am....then I had to stop and help Truman with a scholarship app, that was due at 2:00 this same day....back to painting....another potty crisis with Laila....cleaned her up....back to painting. I actually started at 1:00 pm.....
I painted for the next 8 hours. I went to bed with an achy body. I needed some ibuprofen, but when I fell in bed at 10:30-- I couldn't move to get downstairs and take any. Wayne was already passed out. Oh well. I tossed for a bit, then fell into a deep sleep.

I'm now trying to love the new walls. I loved the yellow. Now I'm deciding to love the color of a Wendy's frosty too. The entire time I was painting the brown, I kept having visions of a chocolate frosty. Yum. It's what kept me painting.

I went to put the living room back together, and all of the yellow or gold frames, accessories etc....look completely out of place. It's a snowball effect, now I need new frames, new pictures,

I've decided to put the yellow, maybe a bit lighter, in my entry way to make the tile look better. Yellow and cream I think. That will be lovely. Currently it's an apple green. The green wall looking into the new living room, is just not cutting it. Change is in the air.

More painting. More achy body. More new accessories. It's a good thing.
I figure if I hate it, I can always just repaint it again.

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