Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Service Club

I ran away to the afternoon movie today. I have a to-do list a mile long, but I'm really good at tossing the "to-do's" and doing my "want-to's" instead.
A bunch of us went and saw He's just not that into you. I just wasn't that into this movie-- so no review from me.
While there, I was reminiscing about another run-away-to-a-matinee day.
The movie was "Fever Pitch" with Drew Barrymore.
This was a "Service club" day--- we give service to each other by supporting our need to get away and see a movie and eat gobs of popcorn.
Service is the best!
The group, I was with, was running late--as usual. (Evidently service does not run on a schedule.)
This was before assigned seats-- so part of the group went in to get seats and the rest stood in line for treats.
I was in charge of getting the meal deal of a huge popcorn and 2 gigantic drinks. I put it in one of those nifty carriers to get into the dark theatre.
The theatre was packed.
It was disconcerting.
Why were all of these people here? Come to find out a company had bought out most of the seats as a spiff for their people-- There were a lot of business men and women there sitting in suits.
We had our seats almost at the back row of the Gateway in SLC.
It was hard to see-- the previews were almost over.
Truth be known-- previews are one of my favorite parts about going to a movie. I was trying to watch the end of the preview as I was balancing the tray and finding my peeps and my seat.
It was a struggle.
As I found the crowded row-- I had to step over a number of people to get to my "assigned" seat. My foot got caught in something, or I lost my balance, I can't remember, but -- I lunged forward, the popcorn began to spill. Laura went to grab the drinks from the tray and stop them from falling. She succeeded but she squeezed them so hard the lids popped off and half of the pop spilled. At the same time I adjusted the tray and the popcorn flew off and exploded all over the backs and the laps of the row in front of us. The drinks missed most people and wound up all over our feet, purses and on some jackets.
I started laughing. What else could I do.
Laura started laughing.
We actually laughed through the entire movie and not because it was funny.
Oh my goodness-- even now I'm laughing just thinking about this huge mess we made. People screamed, jumped up, it was mayhem.
The movie was starting and I had a dilemma-- I had spilled my popcorn all over everyone-- my feet were wet and sticky but I was hungry. What good is a movie with out popcorn?
I excused and pardoned me back out of the theatre, ran to the snack bar and tried this trick all over again.
This time I had success, although, I think I heard an audible gasp when I reentered the theatre.

Ahhhh, Good times.

I love matinee movies. Even a bad movie is better than cleaning my house, I always say.
I love popcorn and I love service.

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Melanie said...

Melinda how do all of these things happen to you? I am laughing so hard, sad I missed that movie and sad I missed the company and popcorn the other day.