Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Books by Laila

Laila is a budding author.
She brought home two books that she wrote and illustrated in school. I want to share them. I wish you could see the funny drawings--and her creative, phonetic spelling, but the words are also good.

ME - written by Laila
I love myself.
My favorite color is pink, it is a pretty color.
I sleep in my own bed. Some people do not sleep in their own bed.
My favorite food is beef jerky.
I like me, no I love me, no I like me, no I love me.
So do my friends
And my mom and Dad.
The End.

I think she has pretty good self esteem going on , and I like it, no I love it, no I like it.....

The next book is about me-- her mom.

My MOM- written by Laila
My mom is funny.
My mom is silly.
My mom is married to my dad.
My mom's favorite dessert is cake. She loves it and she loves my dad too.
My mom smiles all day.
She is beautiful to me and my dad thinks so too.
I love my mom as much as I can,
and my dad does too.
The end.

How is that for a great big boost in my self esteem?
It was a great day yesterday when she came home from school and was so excited to share these books. Laila read them out loud, over and over again.
What a sweetie.

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Mark and Jill said...

That is so cute! It's always nice when your kids care and say nice things about you. She's so sweet