Saturday, February 7, 2009

Too Tired

Man I'm tired.

I think it's the getting up at 5:30 to exercise and the going to bed late routine that I'm in.
I sat in the movie with Laila the other night, and fell asleep over and over again as I tried to watch Madagascar 2. What I saw of it I really enjoyed. Very funny. I hope to see it again one day, when I'm more awake.

I was at the temple last week doing Sealings and I could not make it through. Just walking into the Temple makes me sleepy. It's so peaceful. I totally had the snaps, naps and gaps going. It was difficult. I was shaking my leg, pinching my arm, rubbing my tongue on the roof of my mouth. Finally I stood up on the edge of the room, so I wouldn't be such a sleepy embarrassment to Wayne.

I remember being at a fireside on a Sunday night when I was in the Young Women's Presidency-- this was years ago. I was sooooooo tired.
The speaker was talking about surviving a bear attack while running in Yellow Stone. It was riveting. It was riveting to everyone except me. I was too tired.
I was seated on the front row of the chapel, being a good YW leader example. As the speaker began I could feel myself nodding off. I couldn't keep my eyes open. Why were my eyes closed? They were so heavy. It felt like hypnosis..
"The bear" are going deeper....
"running through the trees" can't open your eyes......
" I was being attacked!"....... You are falling on the floor!
I was falling on the floor.
I fell on the floor!!!!
I did a nose plant and woke myself up-- luckily. It would be bad if I was still curled up under the front pew.
It was all very Mr. Bean-like.
You see people in cartoons or in bad sit-coms who fall asleep and fall onto the floor...but that doesn't happen in real life, right?
It happens in my real life.

Church and sleep just seem to go together.

While Wayne was in the Bishopric, we had a "deal" with all those on the stand. Whoever fell asleep first-- while on the stand, owed the other members and their wives a dinner! We never got a dinner-- I was suspicious of G-rant a couple of times, but he says he "was just resting his eyes."

I would finish these thoughts on sleep....
....but You guessed it, I'm going to bed.


Si said...

YOU DID NOT FALL ASLEEP AND FALL ON THE FLOOR IN THE CHAPEL!!!!!!! This made me laugh so hard. You are crazy.

Mark and Jill said...

That is halarious! I would've died. Hey I went on the and got the paper for my blog. It's all free. I also thought the flower dancers at Peter pan were lame. Stockton about died during that part. I told him to stop sighing so loud. HeHe

Si said...

I just read this to Grant and he says he owes you a dinner. So take him up on it. Now.